Thoughts from your CLO - Chief Listening Officer

This time of year I convert from CEO to CLO, Chief Listening Officer. In the last two weeks we visited with three accounting schools, hosted a Maryland Managing Partner call, and held our first town hall for our Business & Industry members (CFOs, Controllers and management accountants). Last night we (Our membership manager, Rebekah Brown) and I visited with the University of Maryland Smith School of Business and the student business club (pictured). Seventy-four percent of them were accounting...

Forget tax season, CPAs — Congress needs your help

Posted By: Bill Sheridan on March 21, 2015 in Legislative / Regulatory&Taxation
Only Congress could come up with something like this. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and ranking committee member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., have launched a bipartisan effort to gather ideas from the public for how to best reform our nation’s ridiculously complex and verbose tax code. On the surface, that sounds great. Truly. Our lawmakers can’t possibly know all of the intricacies of tax policy. To reform our tax code, they’ll need all help they can get....

Cyber liability: A growing concern for CPA firms

Posted By: Richard E. Bacher on March 16, 2015 in Technology & Social Media
Did you know that one out of five cyber attacks hits a business with 250 or fewer employees? We all watch the nightly news, and many of us think, “No one would target me or my business for a cyber attack; it isn’t worth their time,” but that simply isn’t the case. Considering that roughly 60 percent of small businesses close within six months of a cyber crime, everyone needs to be aware and concerned. CPAs are among the prime targets for cyber criminals. Obtaining your...

What accounting students want from employers

Posted By: Tom Hood on March 11, 2015 in Accounting & Auditing
On March 9 we visited with the Salisbury University chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and had an opportunity to engage these future CPAs in a dialogue about their future careers. Can you guess the No. 1 thing they want in their careers? Work / life balance! The top five things they want in an accounting career are: 1. Work / life balance  2. Money (competitive salary) 3. Flexibility (where and how they work) 4. Career development and training (growth) 5. Diversity and inclusion These answers...

Maryland passes nano learning (10-minute CPE)

Posted By: Tom Hood on March 03, 2015 in Organizational Development&Training & CPE
The Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy has voted unanimously to adopt the final CPE regulations for nano learning, or 10-minute CPE increments. The regulations will be in effect by March 31, 2015. Maryland joins Ohio in the official approval of this new CPE format. This is an important first step in moving Maryland toward the "future of learning" for CPAs. The "future of learning" is a profession-wide initiative to advance the CPE model started by the AICPA. Maryland's own Jackie Brown...

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