Your customers are talking. Are you listening?

Our daughter turned 12 this week. To help her celebrate, my wife and I did what all busy, modern parents do — we fired up Amazon and ordered some of the tween-ish gifts at the top of her wish list. The day before the big day, one of the gifts we ordered still hadn’t arrived. I received an e-mail from the good folks at UPS informing me that the package would arrive during a four-hour window the following afternoon. On her birthday, as I waited (and waited) for the package to arrive, my...

Happy birthday, America!

Posted By: Bill Sheridan on July 04, 2014 in Leadership / Management
"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America." -- Bill Clinton Indeed. Have a fantastic Independence Day, friends!

Diversity: ‘It’s not just the right thing … it’s the smart thing’

The world has changed radically in the 45 years since Cecil Flamer entered the CPA profession. Twelve men have walked on the moon. Eight presidents have occupied the Oval Office. We’ve witnessed astounding medical advances, horrifying wars and acts of terrorism, inspiring acts of service from people determined to make the world a better place, and mind-numbing technological advances that have put the world in the pockets and purses of nearly everyone we know. It’s a different world, and...

Jon Stewart and the AICPA vs. the IRS. Who's winning? Do you need to ask?

It’s been a tough week for the IRS. First, “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart took the agency out behind the woodshed after it was revealed that nearly two years of e-mails to and from former IRS executive Lois Lerner had disappeared. “The government agency whose entire business model relies on forcing Americans to live as borderline hoarders only keeps their sh** for six months?” Stewart asks acidly. “You never get a notice from the IRS that says,...

SCOTUS delivers one class-action victory for CPAs … but not two

Posted By: Bill Sheridan on June 24, 2014 in Legislative / Regulatory
The Supreme Court has delivered a big victory to CPAs and the rest of the business world — though not as big as some would have liked. A unanimous SCOTUS ruling on June 23 gives more power to businesses to defend themselves against class-action lawsuits and could begin to curb the number of huge settlements that companies must pay in the wake of such lawsuits. The ruling deals specifically with a case involving Halliburton Co., one of the largest oil-field service companies in the world. A...

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