Tech’s only cool if it serves customers

Posted By: Bill Sheridan on December 22, 2014 in Technology & Social Media
What does technology mean to you? Shiny gadgets? Groundbreaking apps and software? Advanced features and functions that let us see farther inside our minds and bodies and worlds than ever before? If that’s your idea of technology, you’re doing it wrong. Technology, says IT strategist and thought leader Peter High, isn’t about stuff. It’s about people. Will all of this new stuff help us better serve our clients and customers? If the answer is “Yes,” embrace...

Franchot: Maryland needs CPAs to help ‘help families and small businesses’

There’s nothing partisan or political about Maryland’s economy. It’s all about people. The minute we forget that, says Peter Franchot, this state is in serious trouble. Maryland’s comptroller had some advice for both sides of the state’s political aisle during the MACPA’s annual Comptroller’s Luncheon, and he didn’t mince words. “It’s time to abandon the divisive rhetoric and begin talking openly and seriously about the fiscal challenges...

Senate temporarily extends tax breaks; busy season won't be delayed

Posted By: Bill Sheridan on December 17, 2014 in Taxation
UPDATE: The IRS says the start of tax season will not be delayed, but refunds could be delayed due to IRS budget cuts. === The lame-duck Congress has finally passed a bill that will temporarily extend certain tax breaks all the way through … the end of the year. As in 2014. That’s right. The bill will expire on Dec. 31, 2014. Any further extensions will be the responsibility of the new Congress. Who says our elected officials can’t get anything productive done? Oh, and tax...

Essential apps for the mobile professional

Posted By: Tom Hood on December 12, 2014 in Technology & Social Media
A Tweet from member James Carroll (@jamesuccpa) said it well: Mobile is not the wave of the future. Mobile is NOW! That kicked off the panel with yours truly moderating two mobile professionals and CEOs of tech consulting companies, Byron Patrick of Simplified Innovations and Donny Shimamoto of Intraprise TechKnowlogies, at the MACPA's Technology Conference at the BWI Hilton. We started with a poll of favorite social technologies: 1. LinkedIn: 77 percent 2. Facebook: 71...

Are CPAs future-ready? Survey offers mixed reviews

Want to know what your problem is? I’ll tell you. It’s the same as my problem. Change. One word. Six letters. A million headaches. Legislation, regulation, generations, talent development, technological advances — they’re making our lives really, really complicated. A nearly constant stream of groundbreaking changes is sweeping over every corner of the profession, and the pace at which they’re occurring is increasing. That spells trouble for CPAs. Let’s face it,...