Have you had E-N-O-U-G-H?

IMG_0678 Tom Peters says he has had ENOUGH!

The book, that is.

In a lively and engaging conversation at the re-Set Business Forum in New York City, a panel of distinguished speakers (authors / business gurus / provocateurs), Peters summed up his thoughts by reading from John Bogle's latest book, Enough.

Here is what he said (these are actually the chapter headings):

  1. Too much cost, not enough value.
  2. Too much speculation, not enough investment.
  3. Too much complexity, not enough simplicity.
  4. Too much counting, not enough trust.
  5. Too much business conduct, not enough professional conduct.
  6. Too much salesmanship, not enough stewardship.
  7. Too much management, not enough leadership.
  8. Too much focus on things, not enough focus on commitment.
  9. Too many 21st century values, not enough 18th century values.
  10. Too much "success," not enough character.

Bogle is the CEO and founder of the Vanguard Mutual Funds, and Fortune magazine named him one of the top four investment giants of all time. This is refreshing take on what we need to do to re-Set business and government after the great recession of 2008.


The other distinguished panelists were moderator Seth Godin, Peters, Gary Vaynerchuk, Anna Bernsasek and Michael Eisner. They covered the burning questions, "What is different about this recession-recovery?" And what do we need to be re-thinking about?" I will cover more from this exciting program in future posts.

Peters even said if you are down to your last $25, buy Bogle's book instead of his (The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence). I say find the money to buy both. (Actually, find $125 and buy Enough plus the latest books from all four of the panelists; Eisner's is due out in the fall.)

What do you think? Have we had Enough yet? What is Enough?

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