Join us for the Spring Leadership Academy, June 3-5, 2015 at the Sheraton Baltimore North. 20 hours of life-changing learning, leadership development and CPE at $1,500 per person. Join us.

Leadership development is the single biggest challenge, and the biggest opportunity, facing organizations today. This two and a half day program will equip participants with the resources they need to forge relationships, expand their competencies and empower them to become leaders.

Learn to identify and leverage your own unique leadership strengths, discover what these strengths mean, and understand the implications of how they affect your personal life, career, and the CPA profession.

Our leadership formula is built around three essential competencies for leading in rapidly changing times: strategic thinking, strength-based leadership and network leadership.

Our application of this formula says: find a strength and leverage it; where one doesn't exist but is needed, develop the talent.

Our philosophy says: all hands on deck - everyone is called to lead in some capacity or another. Participants will be actively engaged in dialog throughout the workshop and will be making presentations of their insights and action plans throughout the program.

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Want to know more about the personal experiences of others?
Hear what people have said:

I learned that recognizing and understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses will more successfully guide a team to keep make sense of rapid environment changes.

I learned that I need a team.  I cannot be a soleprenuer.

What I learned from the Leadership Academy was the importance of teamwork.  The importance of building and concentrating on people’s strengths rather than weaknesses.  Finally, learning that leadership is a process, not an act.

I have always tried to get ahead by focusing on my weaknesses and it is a never ending battle. The Leadership Academy helped me realize the necessity to develop leadership skills and processes.

I want to take back what I've learned to my firm and change our meetings to become more meaningful and effective.

And more feedback from a recent AICPA Leadership Academy, in Wordle format: