Discount programs

Discounts are available for MACPA members only (unless otherwise noted). Discounts will be applied to your registration at the time of processing.

After the MACPA processes your registration, the discount(s) will be reflected on your confirmation, which will be e-mailed to you — unless we don't have an e-mail address, in which case it will be mailed to you.

To receive discounts, be sure to completely fill out the information requested on the respective form.

MACPA Members Early Bird Discount!
Members who register for a seminar 30 days before will receive a discount.

Member rate for your referrals

As an MACPA member, you and your non-CPA staff — save up to $150 when you use the "member rate." It's a great benefit!
To qualify, the non-CPA staff need to supply your member ID at the time of registration.

AICPA discount

If you are a member of the AICPA, you are entitled to a $30 discount on MACPA courses that are produced by AICPA. Any course with an event code ending in "A" (i.e. 0111220A) qualifies for this discount.

If you are a member of AICPA, you must indicate your affiliation at the time of your online registration. A check-off box is provided on the page where you set up your registration information. You are also asked to provide your AICPA membership number.

Discount on subscriptions

The MACPA has secured incredible discounts on subscriptions to The Baltimore Business Journal and The Daily Record for MACPA members. Click here for details.

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