CPA Spotlight

CPA Spotlight

The MACPA's in-house podcast takes a weekly look at the issues that impact Maryland CPAs, their clients and their businesses.

Our most recent podcasts:

Ron Shapiro: Negotiations don't have to be ruthless
Sports agent, best-selling author, and negotiator extraordinaire Ron Shapiro examines "the power of nice" when it comes to negotiations -- and it's a powerful concept indeed.
Ken Kelly: The global role of CPAs
Former McCormick Controller Ken Kelly came back from the recent World Congress of Accountants with some eye-opening new perspectives on the role CPAs play in the global economy.
Brad Snyder: Beat the odds by focusing on what you CAN do -- not what you can't
Navy veteran, Paralympic champion and veterans' advocate Brad Snyder says overcoming adversity is all about your state of mind.
Mental conditioning: A new edge for CPAs?
Follow the leader: What role do followers play making leaders great?
Best-selling author Emmanuel Gobillot turns the study of leadership on its head by asking: What do followers want?
Insights from new Maryland Deputy Comptroller David Roose
New Deputy Comptroller David Roose discusses CPAs' impact on Maryland's economy, and on its legislative process.
Reflections with outgoing Deputy Comptroller Linda Tanton
Outgoing Maryland Deputy Comptroller Linda Tanton reflects on the job, the economy, the role CPAs play in the state.
"To Sell Is Human," with Dan Pink
Best-selling author explains why we are all salespeople today -- and why that's important for CPAs.
Risk management: What CPAs need to know
Representatives from CNA, the MACPA's preferred provider of professional liability insurace for members, take a closer look at the risk-related issues that are impacting CPAs today.
What's the big deal about Big Data?
Hudson Hollister, executive director of the Data Transparency Coalition, takes a closer look at what Big Data and XBRL can do -- and why CPAs should care.

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